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Software Engineering

HEDONICS plans, develops and manages software projects for customized solutions by using the most modern and proved methodologies and tools of software engineering under FDA and ISO guidelines.

We are a prominent software-specialists company specializing in the area of automation and medical technology; and are partners with some of the largest and well known manufacturers which utilize our services in their R&D departments.

HEDONICS has developed OEM-Software packages for the laboratory area that are in use worldwide.

Software development for ...

  • Medical applications
  • Instrument control
  • Process automation
  • Laboratory automation
  • Embedded system
  • Laboratory information, management and automation systems
  • Workflow and scheduling projects
  • Constraint Programming and Scheduling using the ILOG Solver und ILOG Scheduler Tools

Planning, management and handling of software projects ...

  • Situation, system, functional, feasibility and risk analysis
  • Requirements engineering
  • Specifications
  • Organization and management of software design and code reviews
  • Quality management
Software engineering

HEDONICS Management AG

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HEDONICS Management AG

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