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Device Support Center

Device Support Center is the platform that securely connects your products and customers to your expert service and support personnel.

  • Improve service and support operations
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Gain competitive advantage

 You only need an internet connection to use the Device Support Center. There are no changes to the customer network and security infrastructure. There is no burden for your customers to use this platform. Monitor your devices and perform preventive operations and get immediate and accurate information about your products to share the product information with your expert teams from support, sales & marketing and development departments.

Device Support Center

Key features ...

  • Direct communication with your products ensures timely access to accurate information
  • On-line monitoring of the products
  • Continuous access to the products diagnostic files
  • Automated alerts of errors and potential failures
  • Proactive and preventive operations
  • Service monitoring
  • Remote problem analysis and resolution
  • Authorized access
  • Avoid investment and operational issues of VPNs

Benefits ...

  • Reduce emergency service calls
  • Reduce product downtimes
  • Reduce on-site service and traveling costs
  • Provide remote repairs
  • Provide remote technical assistance
  • Improve response time
  • Remote software upgrades
  • Improve customer satisfaction

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