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LIME Middleware

Each laboratory has a LIS and a set of analyzers to connect to it. Each analyzer has at least a serial port for interfacing. The laboratory analyzers could be connected to the LAN or WiFi of the laboratory by Hedonics serial-to-TCPIP connector or will be connected to Hedonics LIME server directly to a serial interface hub. These analyzers could exchange orders and results with your LIMS using Hedonics LIME interfacing system components.

Additional modules are available like load balancing to more than one instruments of the same kind or a rule engine could be activated.

Hedonics will offer a pre-installed and configured solution. This solution is one of the most scalable possibilities in configuration and can be adapted to each situation given in the future of the laboratory.

Main features ...

  • High flexible
  • Shipped as plug-n-run system, soft- and hardware
  • Serial, ethernet or WiFi connectivity
  • Connects serial instrument interfaces to ethernet
  • Absolut scalable
  • Modular software concept
LIME middleware concet

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