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ASTM Connector - an ASTM interface

An all in one library that implements the ASTM standard for your instrument. Provides instant and complete ASTM support for your instrument.

Our ASTM driver libraries allow for easy implementation of the ASTM standard in your application software. There is no need to go into the details of the ASTM communication protocol - all you need is to implement your data transmission using ASTM Connector's high level programming functions.

Main features ...

  • Easy to implement to your software
  • Do not care about 100% ASTM communication
  • Protocol: high level: NCCLS: LIS02-A2 (ASTM: E 1394-97)
  • Protocol: low level: NCCLS: LIS01-A2 (ASTM: E 1391-95)


ASTM International - Standards Worldwide


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