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ASTM Simulator

Message Composer, Browser, Editor, Validation, Verification and Communication Simulator in one tool.
ASTM Simulator is a flexible and very powerful productivity tool for prototype testing, system verification, system installation and troubleshooting ASTM communication interfaces.

The ASTM simulator allows you to compose messages by just completing forms offering virtually all possible data fields. Messages can be viewed in a tree representing the data record hierarchy and in a tabbed dialog showing the content of the selected record.

Messages can be created, edited, transmitted, received, saved (to file), loaded (from file) and printed.
Our ASTM simulator allows you to

  - simulate a LIS or LIMS to test your instrument and the application software
  - simulate your instrument to test the functionality of a LIS or LIMS

For test purposes, optional modules of the ASTM Simulator allow producing error pruned environments

Main features ...

  • Enables you for 100% testing of ASTM protocol
  • Can use it as instrument or LIS (client or server)
  • Perfect tool for developement


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ASTM Simulator

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